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An intimate journey into the world of the artist, and a master class on the creative process.

¨Sebastián Errazuriz: Monologues In the Artist's Studio¨

2016 | USA | Documentary |  34:40 min | Dir: Palu Abadia

Winner on the category of Best documentary on Architecture and Design Master of Art Film Festival &Award of Merit in Docs without Borders Film Festival

An intimate portrait of the Chilean-born, Brooklyn-based artist                                   and a master class on the creative process. From installations to public art, furniture to functional sculpture, even shoes and motorcycles, Errazuriz's work blurs the boundaries of art and design. The film presents the artist and his process as a constant work in progress, asking viewers to pause and rethink the everyday, confront preconceptions, and look again.

¨To me, Sebastian Errazuriz epitomizes the new designer of the 21st century, as he captures our age through his provocative, daring, and beautiful work. He is not concerned with a quest for signature language or style, or with pleasing critics, collectors, or the art market, but with the process of expressing the richness of his inner world and the complexity of our world in the most liberated, enlightened way. But along with the conceptual nature of his work, Errazuirz possesses the most exquisite sense of beauty and aesthetic sensibility, as under his hands, even the most difficult harsh realities are presented in a form of beauty. He does not need to challenge boundaries between art and design, as in the process of creating objects that are at time political, at time dealing with social issues, at time are expressed in the most stylish and dramatic forms, boundaries are crossed in natural, spontaneous way. With a deep understanding of the sensitive dialogue between art and the marketplace, Errazuriz captures the complexity, sophistication, and dynamic of the design world in the 21st century.¨

Daniella Ohad

Ph.D. for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture.

Historian, educator, writer, and art critic.

"Brilliant documentary about an even brighter subject. Sebastian Errazuriz and his work are leaving a mark in the world of art and design with depth and humor, which this short film captures so well."


Maria Brito

Art advisor, art collector, creative designer, public speaker, author and curator.

Best documentary in Architecture and Design: 
"The jury has decided to award the prize for best Architecture and Design documentary to « Sebastian Errazuriz: Monologues in the Artist’s studio ». Sebastian Errazuriz is a power plant who makes masterful and inventive art at a fast pace. The director Palu Abadia gets close to this in her intelligent film. It is edited in a rhythm that matches the creative process perfectly."

Master of Art Film Festival Jury

"The film was A-MAZING. I loved it. So much. I am a huge fan of post-religious art, for one thing. The taxidermy duck lamps were also hilarious and cool. But his cabinet making!? My god. So. totally inspired...Beautifully shot, and well paced."

Mary M., Graphic Designer



Sat March 4  (World Premiere!) 

Salem Documentary Film Festival & Peabody Essex Museum

Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA 


Wed March 8,  7pm

Latino & Iberian Film Festival: Spring 2017

Yale U., New Haven, CT

April 5, Wednesday, 1:30 pm

American Documentary Film Festival, 2017

Palm Springs, CA

September 12 & 15

Seoul International Architecture Film Festival 

Seoul, Korea

April 22, 8:30pm

Master of Art Film Festival

1142 Sofia, Bulgaria

April 24, 3:30pm


Sofia Bulgaria


NOLA Edge Film Festival

New Orleans, US

November 1, 6:00 pm

New York School of Interior Design

New York, US

Nov 16, 8:30pm

Asian Centum Film Fest

Busan Community Media Center Media,

Busan, Korea

Universities and College License



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