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SONUS Firenze Videoinstallation / Expanded Documentary / 2017-2019

Excerpts Videos - Multiscreen Binaural  Art Installation

Excerpts - Algorithmic Editing from a Database.

Article by Antonio Natali about Sonus

SONUS was born as an artistic installation dedicated to the city of Florence. This project allows us to know and experience the area through visual and sound perception.


SONUS is meant to enhance a contemplative and immersive state of mind related to the poetic and the sound within the craft work, the architectonical spaces, the streets and the people who have preserved the historical heritage and made Florence unique.


Sounds are the guide of this experience; solitary sounds, composed sounds, musical sounds, those that are almost imperceptible as well as silence, all of which have inhabited the length of history and that dialogue with the living present. Sound in its endless expressions will be accompanied by intimate images of the city, often stole to it but as a result of a deep observation of the urban space and its multiple combinations. Through this experience visitors will be able to create an emotional cartography of their own, going through that past of the city and living in full it's present.

Visual Director & Editor:

Palu Abadia

Sound Directors:

Diana Restrepo & David Medina

Artistic and Performance Director

Sandra Miranda Pattin

Head of Production

Monica Sperandio


Marco Mazzinghi & SenseMedia




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